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Those Who Build the Buildings

How To Care For Your Roof

Ashley Hart

If you own a home, you should learn how to care for the roof. Most people forget to care for their roof because they are only on it to hang Christmas lights! When roofing goes bad, it can lead to huge problems and cost a lot of money to repair or replace. Here are five ways you can care for your roof and extend its life:

Keep It Clear

If you live in an area with trees and leaves, you need to inspect your roof often for debris. Winds and rain can cause branches to fall on top of your home and damage roofing material making your home susceptible to water and mold. If dropped branches don't break anything, they can still cause issues with their leaves. Areas with piles of debris can cause water to pool and sit instead of following the slope of the roof and running off the home into the gutters. If you have debris on your roof you should carefully sweep or blow it off with a leaf blower. If you have a difficult roof to walk or any hesitations, you should call a roofing professional to come and survey the surface for damage and help you get it clean. 

Clean Your Gutters

No one likes cleaning the gutters. It is a dirty job, but a very important one. If your gutters are full, rainwater will not be able to travel its normal path and can cause backups that sit against the roofline. If your roofing underlayment is compromised, you can have water get into the home. Anytime you can see leaves or dirt in your gutters you should take the time to clean them out. Use a shovel or gutter scoop tool to get everything out so your home is ready for the next rain.

Power Washing

If you have a tile roof, power washing can be a great way to get rid of moss and other things that can grow on the tile. You need to hire a professional that knows how to do this properly without damaging the material. There are some products that can be applied to the surface to keep new growth from forming after cleaning it up. 

If you notice any material missing from your roof or have water entering your home, its time to call a roofing contractor. Learn how to care for your roof so you are watching over things and can prevent bigger issues!  


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