Those Who Build the Buildings

Those Who Build the Buildings

More Than A Coat Of Paint: A Guide To Industrial Coatings And Where They Are Needed

Ashley Hart

When you paint the ways in your home, you are applying a special coating that protects drywall and other materials. There are some materials like metal that need more than just a coat of paint. Industrial coatings are needed for different applications to protect materials from environmental conditions and wear. The following guide will give you a better understanding of industrial coatings and where they are used:

Applications for industrial coatings—The first thing you want to know about industrial coatings is where they are applied. A few applications for industrial coatings include:

  • Industrial processes with corrosive conditions
  • Metal exposed to environmental conditions
  • Parts for objects in different types of environments

These are applications of industrial coatings that are used to finish different materials for many reasons.

Coatings protect against climate conditions—Metal can be vulnerable to different environmental conditions, and when it is used for things like deposits, gas tanks, and towers, it needs to have a durable finish to protect against climatic conditions. If the application is something like water towers, the exterior coating has to withstand weather conditions, and the interior coating has to be non-toxic and ideal for drinking water storage. The coating of a cellular communications tower will have to withstand weather and be antistatic to protect sensitive communications equipment.

Industrial coatings for environments with corrosive chemicals—The metals that are used for things like holding tanks for industry and manufacturing have to have coatings that meet certain standards. These special coatings have to be resistant to corrosion due to exposure to chemicals and processes. Sometimes, the coatings also have to withstand electricity and heat in different industrial and manufacturing applications.

Using industrial coatings for attractive finishes for custom parts—There are also parts for things like cars, appliances, and other materials that often have custom finishes. These finishes may be to match the design of an interior with appliances or the finish on auto paint with car parts. These are special industrial coatings that are applied to the parts to give them a durable and attractive finish that will resist wear, corrosion, and damage. This could be an attractive finish for the refrigerator in a kitchen that needs to integrate into cabinetry, countertops, and interior design.

These are some of the things that you may want to know about industrial coatings and where they are used. If you need durable finishes for metal and other materials, contact an industrial coatings service and ask about these options.


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