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When Is It Worth It To Repair An Air Conditioner?

Ashley Hart

When your air conditioner fails, your first instinct may be to have it replaced. For some reason or another, there is a common misconception that air conditioners are simply not worth repairing. Sometimes this definitely is the case. Other times, it really is worth having your air conditioner repaired. Here are some signs that you should seriously look into having your AC repaired rather than just replacing it.

#1: Your air conditioner runs the newer refrigerant, R-401A

Over the past few years, AC manufacturers have been slowly switching over to a new refrigerant known as R-401, or Puron. This is a substitute for the former, widely used refrigerant known as R-22, or Freon. If you have an older Freon air conditioner, repairing it is probably not worthwhile since Freon is now difficult or impossible to obtain. Even if the problem is not with the coolant, air conditioners running Freon are now outdated and obsolete. On the other hand, if you have a newer air conditioner running Puron, then this unit is more worthy of your repair efforts. The refrigerant needed for it is widely available at an affordable price, and other parts are more easily obtained, too.

#2: The repairs being recommended cost less than $1,000

A new air conditioner costs at least $3,000, and more in some areas. So if you get an estimate for repairs, and that estimate is under $1,000, it is usually worth having the repairs made rather than spending three times that amount on an air conditioner replacement. The only exception to this rule would be if your AC contractor has reason to believe your air conditioner will need another expensive repair before long. For instance, if you need the blower motor repaired and while your AC contractor is out to look at it, they inform you that you'll need your coolant lines repaired soon as well, you might as well replace the unit because really, what you need is two expensive repairs. 

#3: You don't use your AC a lot

If you use your AC a lot, then it may be worthwhile to replace it with a more energy-efficient model rather than making repairs. On the other hand, if you rarely use your air conditioner, upgrading to a more energy-efficient model won't save you that much. Plus, your current AC will probably last a long while after you make those repairs since you are not putting a lot of strain on it. 

Sometimes replacing a damaged air conditioner is worthwhile, but other times, it's best to just have it repaired. Reach out to your HVAC contractor, like Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc., for more specific guidance geared towards your unique situation. 


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