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Make Your Home Safer For The Storm Season And More With Impact Windows

Ashley Hart

Weather disasters can be devastating to your home, family, property, and budget. Windows are one of the highest impact areas of your home, especially for storms. Keep reading if you are wondering what an impact window is or if you are considering these impact window replacement options:

Types of Impact Windows

When you are considering impact windows for your home, there are several options. These include special tempered and laminated glass materials. This makes the windows more resistant to damage due to wind and weather or someone trying to break in. The frames or casing of the windows are also important. The casings of impact windows are reinforced to make them sturdier. This ensures they do their job of stopping impacts that can cause damage.

Impact Window Styles

The styles of impact windows are also important. There are just as many styles available for impact windows as there are for other types of windows and glass. Therefore, choosing the style of windows for your home needs to have advantages. There are options for grids, moldings, and details to improve the appearance. You also have a choice of hung sashes, sliding or casement windows. There are even options to have features like blinds and other window treatments integrated into the design of your new impact windows.

Installation of Impact Windows

The installation of impact windows needs to be done correctly to ensure they do their job. When installing impact windows, you want to make sure that they are well-secured inside the opening. This can be done by using long screws or bolts to hold them in place. Using sealant tape and properly sealing the openings are also important tasks when installing impact windows. Sealing the openings will protect them from wear and damage that can be caused by leaks and weather.

Improving Impact Window Installation

You can also improve the installation of the impact windows. These improvements start before the windows are installed in their openings. Reinforcing the openings with steel connectors and plates can help make the opening stronger. There are also options for reinforcing the hardware of windows and doors to improve the impact-resistance of new windows. You can also add details with trim around the exterior or interior of your impact windows to improve their appearance.

Impact windows might be a wise investment if you are looking for ways to make your home safer during bad weather. Contact an impact window service to start planning your replacement project.  


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