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When Homeowners Should Go Forward With Basement Waterproofing

Ashley Hart

Water is something that can end up in properties with basements. It's a serious problem that you should try to avoid at all costs with basement waterproofing. Here are some situations where basement waterproofing might be necessary.

There Are Stains in the Basement Caused by Water

If water damage gets to be serious, then stains can develop. They can occur around several different places in the basement like the walls and flooring. Rather than letting these stains continue developing, you might want to consider basement waterproofing services.

The reason why these stains may be developing is that water is finding a way into the basement area. There might not be puddles of water just yet, but if you don't have your basement waterproofed, it's only a matter of time before they show up. Hire a professional before this point so that you can keep your basement safe from water.

Inspection Reports Confirm There Is Water Damage in the Basement

It's standard to have homes inspected before purchasing them as buyers want to know what might have to be done from a repair standpoint. If this inspection shows a home you're buying has water damage, you need to at least consider basement waterproofing solutions. You may be able to work this in the deal with the seller or get them to come down on their asking price. 

Either way, a company will need to conduct a formal assessment to see where water is getting through and how much damage has already occurred. Then the basement waterproofing company can complete repairs like sealing cracks and putting waterproof membranes around the foundation.

You Find White Powdery Flakes on the Concrete

If your basement has concrete walls or floors, then you want to make a note of any white powdery flakes that develop over time. They are a sign of water getting into the basement. Concrete used in basements contains lime, and the lime will turn into a powdery substance when water breaks it down.

Hire a basement waterproofing contractor immediately to confirm the possibility of water affecting this area of your home. They can complete waterproofing solutions to keep the basement better protected from water in the future.

Basements aren't always going to remain free of water damage. It may have already occurred or could take place soon. If you're aware of signs indicating the need for basement waterproofing solutions, you can make smart moves before basement damage gets out of control. 


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