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3 Common Garage Door Problems That Need Repair

Ashley Hart

Do you own a commercial or residential property? If yes, you know how a garage door can significantly help you. Whether you need convenience, security, or privacy, your garage door has got you covered. It's no wonder why everyone wants a well-functioning garage door. Unfortunately, sometimes problems may occur, and you will need to hire a repair service.

When do you need professional garage door services? For help, you can contact an experienced expert, and you can be rest assured your repair needs are in safe hands. Read this guide for more insights. 

Broken Cables 

Broken cables are one of the most common reasons for a garage door to malfunction. The cables operate on pulleys, which help them to stay taut after closing the door. If they snap or wear out, they won't open or close. This can be a danger to anyone who tries to use the garage door.

Do you notice broken cables with your garage door? Don't wait before calling for professional help. Note that a broken cable could be a safety hazard. You want to inspect yours before this happens.

Sensor Issues

Do you have a garage door that is not closing and have no idea why? It could be that one of your sensors is not working well.

Garage door sensors are an integral part of the garage door opening and closing process. They work to ensure the safety of users and property. For example, they stop the garage door from closing when someone or something is in its path.

Garage door sensors are placed on both sides of the garage, near the center. One on each side usually faces outwards while one faces inwards. This allows them to detect any obstacle between them at all times. A malfunctioning sensor can stop the blinking of the sensor light. If this happens, it means no detection is happening.

Unusual Noises 

If you hear any unusual sound coming from your garage door, there might be a problem with the motor or the springs.

Noises coming from your garage door are a sign that something is wrong. Several issues with your garage door could occur. The good news is you can rely on an experienced technician to identify what the issue is. You don't want to wait until it's too late to call for professional repair services.


Are you having issues with your garage door? You don't need to worry. An experienced garage door company can get you sorted. For more information, contact a garage door repair service, such as Plano Overhead Garage Door, to learn more.


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