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Why You Should Never Take Risks With Your Well Pump And How To Tell When It Needs Repairs

Ashley Hart

A lot of Americans rely on well pumps to give them fresh water for common household chores, from washing the dishes to having a shower. These well pumps, when properly maintained, provide a valuable service that is comparable to or even better than what you could get from a water main in your city. However, as the keywords "properly maintained" imply, your well pump will need repairs at some points in its life and you need to be aware of that. Here is why it is vital you keep up to date on the performance of your well pump and what the tell-tale signs of an aging pump are. 

Why Is It So Important To Keep An Eye On Your Well Pump?

If your well pump is not maintained to a high standard, then it is very easy for it to completely fail with very little warning. Not only that, but if it is having mechanical problems, then oil, grease, dirt, and other unsavory items can get into the water supply and contaminate it. This can make you or your family very ill, in addition to having your pump completely stop working, so it is critical that you stay up to date on any warning signs that might indicate you need well pump repair as soon as possible.

Loss Of Pressure

Your well pump will be rated to create a certain amount of pressure as it pumps up water, and while you might not know what that is, you certainly know what it feels like. If you notice a severe drop-off in the quality of your water pressure, then first make sure it is affecting multiple fixtures (so it is not just a problem with one tap) and then call for well pump repair immediately. Something could have punctured the pipe or there could be serious mechanical issues in the pump causing this, neither of which should be taken lightly. 

Smells And Sounds

Your nose and ears are very adept at picking up information that is out of the ordinary. If you have a gut feeling that something is off about your water, then it could very well be that you are picking up a slight smell, or you hear some unnatural noises coming from your pump. Often there will be warning sounds that precede an event that results in your well pump shutting down entirely. Always trust your nose and ears when it comes to the performance of your well pump or you could be wishing you did in a few weeks when you have to repair the whole system! 

For more information, contact a water well pump repair service.


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