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Upgrading Your Home With A Glass Fireplace Enclosure

Ashley Hart

A fireplace can substantially improve the comfort that you have while you are in your house. There are some upgrades that can be made to further improve the safety of your fireplace, and you may want to consider making this investment in your home. More specifically, adding a glass enclosure to the fireplace can reduce the risk of stray embers floating into the home's interior. Keep reading to learn more about installing glass linear fireplaces and how to care for them once installed.

Consider A Fully Enclosed Glass Fireplace

If you are installing an entirely new fireplace, you may want to opt for one that is accessible on as many sides as possible. This will allow the fireplace to more efficiently warm the interior of the room while also enabling more people to sit near it. In addition to reducing the risk of burning embers going astray, this enclosure can also minimize the fumes released into the home.

Appreciate The Option Of Retrofitting A Fireplace Glass

If your home already has a fireplace in it, you will be able to retrofit it with a glass enclosure. While it is possible to make this upgrade to an existing fireplace, you should avoid assuming that you can easily install a glass enclosure on your own. Rather, you will need to ensure that the glass properly fits the fireplace and that it is secured in place. These steps are needed to make sure that the glass will not accidentally come loose. If this were to occur, it could easily fall and shatter. In addition to creating a mess, the glass may be far too hot for you to be able to clean up until it has cooled. A professional fireplace contractor will be able to implement this upgrade for your fireplace for a relatively low fee.

Invest In Suitable Cleaning Equipment For The Glass

Cleaning the glass enclosure is an important step for keeping the fireplace looking its best. Unfortunately, individuals will frequently make the mistake of using cloths or other cleaning materials that can scuff the glass. Whenever you are cleaning the fireplace enclosure, you should use a microfiber cloth to avoid causing this damage to the glass. Additionally, there are squeegees that are small enough to be used to clean the glass of a modern glass fireplace enclosure, and this can be an affordable option for cleaning the glass as well as removing excess water.


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