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Those Who Build the Buildings

When You Should Consider Chimney Repair

Ashley Hart

Chimneys are still a very common feature throughout much of America. There is nothing many people love more than a real wood fire in their home to keep warm in winter. Not only does it smell incredible, but it can be a really efficient way to heat up a large area. However, the safety of these fireplaces depends on a well-maintained chimney, without which these fireplaces turn into a very dangerous element in your home. Here are a few signs that indicate you might need a residential chimney repair in your home to ensure you can keep enjoying those long winter nights with a fire to warm you. 

Crumbling Mortar 

If your chimney is made out of brick and mortar, as so many are, then every once in a while you should go around and check the outside of the chimney and look around at the ground around it. If you spot any collection or sprinkling of mortar that has fallen off of your chimney, you should consider calling for repairs right away. Mortar chipping off means that your chimney is becoming unstable and requires patch-up work to ensure rain does not seep into the inside of the flue tiles and potentially worsen the problem.

Leaks Inside Your Home

Apart from checking the outside of your chimney every once in a while, you should also check rooms that border your chimney to see how they are faring. Always look for any kind of staining or discoloration, and potentially even smells, in the area around where your room borders the chimney. If there are cracks or breaks in the chimney, then smoke can get into the surrounding rooms and stink them up something foul, so it is important to stay ahead of this by monitoring the warning signs and having regular maintenance checks by professionals.


Your chimney is supposed to allow smoke and heat out through the top, and prevent rain and dew from coming in, but sometimes that second job can get corrupted. The caps and dampers on chimneys can crack due to age and constant beatings from the elements, or sometimes they just weren't very well installed to begin with. Anytime you notice moisture in your fireplace, you should call for repairs because this can be a very serious issue not just for your fireplace but your whole home. It is not designed to hold moisture or damp of any kind, and this can spread to other rooms through the walls and bricks, wreaking havoc if you are not careful. 


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