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Those Who Build the Buildings

Is Copper Gutter Installation Worth The Investment?

Ashley Hart

Did you know that the gutter system you install in your home has a significant impact on the curb appeal and the value of your home? This rings true, especially if you've invested in copper gutter installation. The material makes your home stand out in the neighborhood and adds sophistication to your curb appeal.

Some materials guarantee long-lasting gutters, but copper offers longevity and low maintenance. The patina quality of copper enhances its weather resistance, and you can have corrosion-free gutters for decades. It doesn't encourage moss or mold build-up, and a roofing contractor can help you pick the right style and thickness for your installation. 

Here are more reasons why a copper gutter installation is worth the investment.

Perfect For Any Weather

Copper gutters are designed to perform well in different climatic conditions. Whether you live in hot or cold regions, copper gutter installation stands well against temperature fluctuations. Even though you need to inspect them periodically, they don't encourage debris buildup, and they won't sag or buckle. 

Indeed, copper comes with a low coefficient of expansion. This means it doesn't contract or expand as temperatures change. Even if you've installed seamless copper gutters, they'll perform exceptionally without leaking, cracking, or breaking.

They're Durable

Copper is one of the most durable construction materials. When you invest in a copper gutter installation, your home can enjoy stress-free drainage and zero chances of water damage. With time, copper gutters develop a protective patina lining that sheds rust or corrosion. When the lining forms, copper gutters might change color and appear green. The shielding effect allows copper to sit on your roof longer than other conventional gutter materials in the market.

Environmentally Friendly

Copper is a highly sustainable material that reduces damage to the environment. Since it is highly recyclable, manufacturers don't have to rely on naturally mined copper that impacts the natural resource negatively. Its durability combined with recyclability makes it the better option compared to reusable materials like steel or aluminum. If you choose seamless copper gutters, you don't have to replace them or send them to the landfill, given that copper doesn't break easily.

Great Curb Appeal

A copper gutter system looks elegant and alluring. Whether you choose the rustic look or opt for the oxidized look that gives a green patina hue, the material blends in with other features within your property. You can engage a roofer to help you pick the copper gutter style that complements the wood, masonry, or tiles in your exterior space.


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