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Those Who Build the Buildings

Reasons To Hire An Electrician

Ashley Hart

Electricity is an essential part of life. Almost all aspects of your life rely on electric energy. You need electricity to warm your home's water, charge your phone, run your home security system, and sometimes even drive your electric car. Oppositely, electricity can be dangerous for you and your property. If you make physical contact with any live parts, you risk shock and burns. Electrical faults are also known to cause fires and explosions. Even though you can do some repairs and installations on your own, some tasks require an electrician to ensure safety for you and your property. This article explores some of the main issues that indicate that you may need to call an electrician.

Blown Fuses and Tripping Circuit Breakers

If your fuses keep blowing, the go-to response for most people is to buy a new one and replace it. However, if you replace the fuse with one that has the same amps and it still blows, you should call an electrician. Fuses and circuit breakers are like crowd control measures on the streets, except in this case, they limit the current that flows to your appliance. Sometimes, your average home or office appliance may draw too much current and cause the fuse to blow. Damaged appliances will blow your fuses until you repair or replace them.

The electrician will determine the source of the problem and prevent even further damage. Remember, replacing your fuse with one that has higher amps than the damaged one could cause damage to your appliance and also pose a fire hazard. Electricians also advise on using the correct fuses and circuit breakers for your new devices.

Flickering Lights

Can a flickering bulb be a sign of an impending fire? Your fluorescent bulb uses inductive ballast to regulate the current. Any disruptions in the power running through the bulb can cause it to flicker, and therefore you can replace the bulb with an LED or incandescent light to fix the issue. However, the flickering bulb could signify a larger electric problem, such as shoddy electrical work. Improper electrical work is both annoying and dangerous. You should consult an electrician to narrow down the issue and fix it immediately.

Electric Shocks

If you receive any shocks when you touch your appliances, switches, or anything else around your home or office, you should call an electrician immediately. Most shocks occur on surfaces that are wet or metallic. The shock is simply the loose electric charge that is trying to ground itself through the electrolytes in your body. Therefore, the shock could be mild or dangerous enough to cause a heart attack, depending on the charge level. An electrician will help prevent the shocks and mitigate any risks posed to you and your property. 

Moisture on Electric Circuits and Appliances

Water is a good conductor of electricity, and therefore, it poses a significant threat to your appliances. The next time you find your house flooded, you should immediately turn off your main supply and call an electrician. You can still save some appliances, especially if they were off when the water touches the circuits. However, ensure that water and other liquids are as far from your appliances and electrical circuits as possible. 

You should call an electrician if your fuses keep blowing, your lights flicker constantly, or you encounter electric shocks. If water enters your appliances, you should ensure that you call an electrician to save them and ensure your safety. 


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