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Those Who Build the Buildings

3 Things To Consider Before Installing Siding

Ashley Hart

Installing new siding can make a world of difference when it comes to your home's curb appeal. There are other benefits to replacing your old, worn-out, or damaged siding as well. New siding often improves energy efficiency and will protect your home from water damage. After all, siding is one of the primary defenses your home has from the elements. If you are looking at siding installation, there are three things to consider before starting the installation.

What Looks Best

Since siding has such an enormous impact on your home's appearance, you will want to spend some time finding a style of siding that complements your home. Popular siding materials include vinyl, stucco, wood, metal, stone, engineered wood, brick, and fiber cement. In addition, there are numerous styles and colors to select from when it comes to exterior siding. Therefore, the best way to find the right siding for your home is to shop around. 

How Much You Can Spend

While the aesthetics of your new siding are essential, there's likely a limit to what you can afford. Coming up with a budget and setting aside some funds for contingencies is crucial for a big project like siding installation. Your siding materials of choice will likely have the most significant impact on your bottom line. However, labor costs are also something to keep in mind when deciding on what siding to install. Depending on the material, new siding can cost as little as $2 to upwards of $50 per square foot. Wood and vinyl are often the most affordable options, while stone veneer tends to be the most expensive.

Energy Efficiency

Since siding has such an impact on your home's energy efficiency, it's something to keep in mind when making your selection. In addition, the R-value rating is something to look at since it will indicate how well a siding material resists heat flow. The insulation that goes underneath the siding is also crucial. Finally, even the most energy-efficient siding materials will not work as intended without proper installation, which is why professional siding installation will offer the best results.

Before installing new siding, there are a few things that you need to consider. First, your choice of siding will impact your home's appearance, so choose a material and style that complements your home. Second, siding installation is a big project, which means you need to set a budget and have funds set aside for contingencies. Finally, you will also want to consider energy efficiency when selecting new siding for your home.


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