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Compelling Reasons Why You Should Hire A Chimney Sweep Before Winter

Ashley Hart

Although the sweltering summer months are steadily transitioning into fall, you may not be thinking of your fireplace yet. This is understandable considering that most people are welcoming the slight chill after enduring hot and humid weather for months. But this does not mean that you will not eventually need the warmth from your fireplace.

Once the winter months set in, you will probably want to curl up in front of the heat each night. But if you have neglected your fireplace all year, it will likely have a substantial amount of debris collecting in the chimney and this will impede on its functionality. Read on for a few compelling reasons why you should hire a chimney sweep before winter.

Chimney sweeping services will alleviate the risk of chimney damage

Your chimney is outfitted with a flue liner that has the primary function of ensuring that when your fireplace is operational, it does not pose a risk to you and your family. It does this by making sure that the heat in the flue is contained while providing an exit for the toxic gases that come about from the combustion process.

Moreover, the flue liner also works as a protective barrier for the internal walls of your chimney. Thus, the moment the flue liner is compromised, your chimney is at risk of various kinds of damage. To begin with, a cracked flue liner will allow moisture to seep into the chimney. This increases the threat of corrosion to the metal parts of the chimney, including things like the chimney cap, the damper, and more.

Additionally, when the chimney is continually exposed to moisture, the masonry is bound to deteriorate and this will warrant chimney replacement. By hiring a chimney sweep, you get the chance to detect potential issues with the flue liner early, as this professional will carry out a thorough inspection beforehand. If they find any underlying problems, they will undertake repairs prior to cleaning the chimney.

Chimney sweeping services will elevate your indoor air quality

Simply because your chimney is out of sight does not mean it should stay out of mind too. Considering that you have not made use of this structure for months on end, it goes without saying that it will collect a substantial amount of debris ranging from nests, leaves, twigs, and so much more.

Furthermore, if you did not engage the services of a chimney sweep after the previous winter, your chimney will be full of creosote as well as soot. Hence, the moment that you light your fireplace during the summer, the flue will be incapable of filtering out the carbon monoxide that is generated so this gas will infiltrate your home. To maintain your indoor air quality, you must enlist chimney sweeping services. Contact a chimney sweep service for more information. 


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