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Those Who Build the Buildings

Keep Metal Out Of The Landfill By Recycling It

Ashley Hart

Metal can be recycled and made into new materials, so it makes sense to keep it out of the landfill and put metal to good use. Metal recycling can be done by both homeowners and business owners. Here are some ways to make metal recycling easy to do.

Use Separate Trash Cans And Dumpsters

If you own a business and want to recycle your metal, start by working with your trash service. They may bring a separate dumpster for your metal trash if you have a lot of it. You can also put separate trash cans throughout your building so your employees have an easy time recycling. Place the recycling bin next to the regular trash bin, so it is convenient for employees to use.

If you create metal trash due to manufacturing and you have a lot of waste, you may want to separate the metal by type if you'll be taking it to the recycling center yourself to sell it. If metals are mixed together, you might get paid by the pound at the price of the lowest-cost metal in your pile. Since some metals are much more expensive than others, it could be worth your effort to separate the expensive metals from the inexpensive ones.

Use Curbside Pickup

The most convenient way to recycle metal and anything else is to have it picked up at the curb by your trash collector. If your city offers this service, take advantage of it even if it costs extra. It's much more convenient to set the metal by the curb than it is to haul it to a recycling center. Another way to use curbside pickup is to look for a person who collects metal to sell to recycling centers.

They generally pick up metal for free so they can sell it. You might find a metal recycler in local want ads, or you can look online. They may even be willing to help move large metal things like an old freezer so you can get rid of all your old metal clutter and have it hauled away to be recycled for free.

Turn Your Metal In For Money

While it's convenient to get rid of metal fast by having someone pick it up who wants to sell it, you might find it motivating if you sell your metal waste for extra money. You may only have a large amount of metal when you do a deep decluttering of your home, but you might want to buy a large waste bag and save up metal waste over several months until you have enough to make a trip to the recycling center worthwhile. Of course, you may not want the clutter in your yard or garage, and in that case, trying to sell small amounts of metal for recycling may not be worth it, and you may prefer to give the metal away instead.

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