Those Who Build the Buildings

Those Who Build the Buildings

Things You Should Know When Working With A Contractor To Build Your Custom Home

Ashley Hart

Building a new home can be a wonderful experience, filled with challenges and accomplishments to experience along the way. Often new home construction starts with a piece of land to build on or a spot in a development that a custom home builder can erect your new home on. Where you construct your home can affect what you create, so research and planning are critical parts of the process.

Choosing Where To Build

Before you start designing your home, determine whether you want to build on your own land or buy some land in an up-and-coming neighborhood development. Both options have benefits to consider, and both have limitations as well. 

Building in a development may limit your home design. The lots are often smaller, and you will more than likely have an HOA (homeowners association) that will set some guidelines or rules in the development that may seem cumbersome or restrictive. At the same time, there are benefits like a community center, events throughout the year, and amenities like a community pool and fitness center. 

Buying land to build a home on may be less restrictive but can come with challenges like clearing the land and preparing it to support your home. The cost of building on your own land is often higher, but you have the freedom to build the type of home that you want and do not have an HOA to deal with in most cases. 

Home Designs

Once you decide where to build and purchase the land, you can work with your custom home builder to design a home that is right for your needs. In some cases, you may need to hire an architect to create the home for you, or the builder may already have some proven designs that they offer for clients to choose from. 

After choosing the design, the structure can start to go up, and the builder will meet with you to decide the interior designs for your new home. Things like carpeting, paint colors, flooring styles, and appliances all need selecting and can be the factors that really make the home unique to you.

If there is something special you want to do with the home design, talk with your custom home builder about the changes before the work begins, or have your architect work up a plan that incorporates the design details you are looking for. 

Building a new home can take time. Ensuring all the details are correct will result in a home that you are happy with and can live in for many years without having to make changes after you move in or down the road.


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