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When To Schedule Different Marina Repairs

Ashley Hart

Like all businesses that have extensive facilities and specialized equipment, marinas regularly have maintenance and repairs to make. If you run a marina, here are the best times of year to schedule different maintenance services.

Emergency Repairs: Summer & Year-Round

Emergency repairs, of course, must be made as they arise. They must be done year-round whenever something essential breaks, but they're the only type of repairs that ought to be made during summer.

Summer is the busiest season for most marinas. It's important to keep everything in good working order so that profits can be maximized during this time. At the same time, marinas don't want to divert employees away from customers for non-essential repairs that can be delayed.

Capital Improvements on Land: Fall

Fall is a good time to make major capital improvements on buildings and other land-based fixtures. 

Business slows down during the fall, so marinas have more time for major projects. Starting these improvement projects in autumn also ensures there's plenty of time even if delays occur—projects can be finished during spring. Whereas if projects are started during spring and delayed, they would run into the peak summer season. 

Additionally, most marinas know how much they can invest in major capital improvements during this time of year. Coming off of the peak summer season, marinas can assess their season's profits and determine how much work they can afford to pay for.

Dock Repairs: Winter

Winter is a good time to make dock repairs for a few reasons.

Docks are least used (and sometimes entirely unused) during winter, so employees don't have to work around many watercraft when making repairs. Even if there still are a few boats in a southern marina, they can easily be moved between slips as needed. 

This is also the slowest time of year, so employees' time can be direct toward repairs—and there might be many dock repairs to make.

For marinas in cold northern climates, the ice that forms makes working on docks easier. Ice gets thick enough in many marinas to support equipment on it, so marinas don't have to worry about balancing equipment on top of a barge.

Service Equipment Repairs: Spring

Check all service equipment in early spring, and promptly perform any service or maintenance that's required. Spring is preferable to fall, in case equipment is damaged during the offseason. Ice could fall and damage equipment, a mouse could make a nest in it, or vandals could break things. It's better to make all repairs at one time, in spring.

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