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What Are The Different Types Of Deck Railings?

Ashley Hart

Deck railings are an essential safety feature, but that's not the reason why you should install them. They add beauty and character and breathe a new life to your deck, giving it a complete look. However, selecting one that meets your needs is challenging with so many different types of deck railings. Therefore, to help you make an informed decision, in this article, you'll learn more about the most popular deck railings and their unique characteristics.

Composite Deck Railing

The popularity of composite deck railings is on the rise. They're made of composite material (a mixture of plastic and wood materials), thus making these deck railings highly resistant to harsh weather, low maintenance, and cost-effective. Composite deck railings are the perfect alternative to wood deck railings. They look like wood deck railings but don't require as much maintenance. Another advantage of composite deck railings is you can order a customized railing that matches your deck. Customized railings come in a single piece that's easy to fix.

Wood Deck Railings

These are the most common and traditional types of deck railings. They're popular among homeowners because wood is readily available, easy to customize and construct, and has a wide selection of the type of wood to use. You can also add features such as built-in sitting with the wooden railing serving as the backing. This is an excellent design cheat if your deck has limited space but you still want to entertain guests on your deck. Keep in mind wooden deck rails are high in maintenance and are vulnerable to extreme weather.

Metal Deck Railings

Metal railings represent a modern look preferred in the most modern, industrial, and contemporary homes. The most commonly used metals are galvanized steel, aluminum, and wrought iron. If you want your deck to have a more sophisticated and trendier design, metal is one of the best materials to use since it's easy to bend and shape. Metal deck railings are inexpensive, durable, low maintenance, and long-lasting. However, you must carefully choose the type of metal to use. Unlike aluminum, galvanized steel and wrought iron rust easily, requiring more maintenance.

Cable Deck Railing

Cable deck railings are a newer and trendier alternative because they give a clear view of the outdoors. They also give your deck a minimalist and modern vibe to your deck. Cable railings use Marine-grade stainless steel wire, meaning they're practically maintenance-free and are capable of withstanding the most extreme weather conditions. You can install the railings horizontally or vertically, with neither style having an advantage over the other.

Which Deck Railing Should You Choose?

The right deck railing for you should meet your needs. Find out what they are, and you'll find the best choice of railing for you. If you'd like more help, visit your nearest deck railing showroom and talk to a professional.


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