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What To Know About Quartz Countertops

Ashley Hart

Whether it's for your bathroom, kitchen, or another room, selecting countertops can be challenging. There are many materials that work well for countertops, but you want to choose one that's suitable for your budget and lifestyle. In many households, countertops need to hold up well to frequent use, so durability matters. If you are searching for counters that are as sturdy as they are beautiful, quartz may be your best bet. Here's what to know about quartz countertops.  

The Benefits Of Quartz

If quartz countertops are on your list, it's essential to look into the benefits of this material. There are many reasons why quartz works so well. Quartz is a manufactured material made of stone-like materials and resin. Unlike natural stone, quartz has few imperfections. Quartz combines the beauty of stone with the durability of resin. Unlike stone countertops, quartz doesn't have to be sealed since it's a nonporous surface. Since quartz is manufactured, you have various patterns, colors, and textures to choose from. Quartz countertops will work for your needs if you want plenty of options and durability.

The Cost of Quartz

Your budget is likely a primary consideration when selecting countertops for your home. The cost of quartz countertops varies depending on the size of the countertops you need, how difficult they are to install, and the quality of the quartz you select. The good news is that quartz countertops are available at many different price points. Between the installation labor and the cost of the materials, you'll pay between $50 and $200 per square foot for quartz slab countertops. Before committing to quart slab countertops, consider whether they are the best match for your budget. 

Professional Installation Is Recommended

There are many reasons to install quartz countertops, but if you are thinking about installing them yourself, you may want to reconsider. Quartz slab countertops are heavy, making installation a challenge. Proper installation is vital to get the most out of your quartz countertops. Using professional installers is recommended. A professional installation will also ensure tight seams and will prevent cracks during the installation process. 

There are a few things to know if you are considering quartz countertops. First, knowing why quartz is a good fit for your home is vital. Second, you will also need to consider whether quartz countertops fit into your budget. Finally, while you may be an avid do-it-yourself homeowner, professional installation is best if you select quartz countertops. 


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