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Why You Should Get Your Stucco Repaired Immediately After It Hails

Ashley Hart

Stucco is found across much of America on the exterior (and sometimes interior) of many houses. It has traditionally been used primarily for aesthetic purposes, and while that still remains a huge draw of stucco, there are other, very noticeable benefits too. If you have stucco, then you will probably know it has one major weakness: moisture. Moisture can destroy stucco if you are not careful, and perhaps the most obvious example of this is when it hails. Not only is stucco attacked by moisture, but it is hit by hard pellets as well, which then melt into water. Here is why you should get your stucco repaired straight after it hails.

Limit Damage

Stucco needs to be repaired quickly so that damage and structural weaknesses do not spread to other parts of your walls. Once a weakness has been developed, it is easier for this moisture to seep throughout the stucco and, although you may not see it at first, different parts of your stucco will begin to crumble as the weather changes. When you get hail damage, stucco repair is the first thing you need to worry about, or you can risk your whole exterior wall, and that would cost far more than a simple, quick fix. 

Destroys Artwork

As stated above, a lot of stucco designs are done to look fantastic and exist as a feature in their own right. These stucco decorations are not to be taken lightly when it hails because they can be far more easily broken by something as hard as hail. If the artwork or designs are compromised, they need to be shored up before the weight of the design pulls down the weakened structure. The last thing you want is for your entire stucco exterior to start crumbling right in front of you a couple of days after it hails.

Reduced Efficiency

One of the great things about stucco is that it helps with the heating and cooling of your home due to its presence as a form of insulation. It can also help with fire resistance, although that is usually less of an immediate threat. When hail damage affects your stucco exterior, it will also reduce its ability to help insulate your home, and trying to live in extremely hot areas without insulation can be a bit of a nightmare. Not only will it result in higher energy bills, but also it simply makes your home look very cheap and broken on the outside, which is not something you need to put up with. 

For more information about hail damage stucco repair, contact a local professional.


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