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Seawall Inspection Services: When Do You Need Them?

Ashley Hart

Seawalls are known to be the first line of defense against damaging waves and tidal surges. They protect our shoreline properties and keep them from being swept away by the ocean. However, seawalls require maintenance and regular inspections to ensure that they remain efficient in protecting your property. Keep reading this blog post to learn when you need seawall inspection services and how they can benefit you.

Cracks and Holes

There are several telltale signs that indicate you need to schedule an inspection for your seawall. One of the most common signs is if you notice any cracks or holes on its surface. These can lead to the formation of cavities, allowing the waves to penetrate the seawall and cause significant damage. If you notice this or any other damage to your seawall, it's crucial to schedule an inspection right away to protect your property.

Extreme Weather

Another critical time to schedule an inspection is after a major storm or hurricane. The force of the ocean during these natural disasters can cause severe damage to seawalls, even those that seem to be in perfect condition. A thorough inspection after these events can help detect any damage that may have occurred and recommend necessary repairs to prevent repetitive damages that may worsen with time.


If your seawall has been exposed to saltwater for an extended period, it's crucial to get an inspection. The ocean's saltwater can cause corrosion on the metal features of the seawall and eventually weaken it as a result. In these cases, inspection services can recommend protective coatings to prevent further damage and extend the seawall's lifespan.

Wear and Tear

As time passes, the gradual effects of wear and tear can result in the deterioration of seawalls, leading to potential instability. Aging seawalls may lead to the formation of cracks, signs of corrosion, and instability, all of which can lead to the seawall collapsing. Regular inspections and maintenance can prevent such hazardous events and save you from expensive repairs or property damage.

Seawalls are an essential part of shoreline properties and require regular inspection to remain efficient in protecting them. In summary, some key times that indicate you need seawall inspection services include the presence of cracks or holes, after major storms or hurricanes, after long-term exposure to saltwater, and through regularly scheduled routine maintenance. Protect your property by scheduling inspections and repairs as necessary to prevent damage in times of need.

For more information on seawall inspection services, contact a company near you.


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